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Shortcomings: A Visual Social Commentary

Shortcomings is the book I’ve felt most frustrated when reading, and I’m pretty sure that’s supposed to be the intended reaction the author wanted his readers to have.

Reading Books For School

Assigned books for school may have its fair share of bad rep, but there are some upsides to them. In this post, I think over the past years of reading assigned (non-textbooks) books for school and consider the good points that came out from them.

Walking Down Memory Lane: A List of Old Childhood Anime

A while back I was reminiscing over some of the cartoons I watched as a little kid, only to realize that they were anime. This post is a list of the shows I watched back then (because I’m apparently caught up in nostalgia way too often).

The Peer Pressure Tag

I was tagged for the Peer Pressure Tag! Here are my responses.

Jujutsu Kaisen Character Appreciation Post

It’s Valentine’s Day but I’m too embarrassed to straight up admit characters I find attractive, so I’m finding a happy medium by just comfortably appreciating characters. A Jujutsu Kaisen post because it’s, well, a good show.

Confronting Societal Pressures: My ID is Gangnam Beauty Review

With the True Beauty k-drama airing, I’ve also been taking the time to rewatch another certain webtoon-adapted k-drama that shares the same male lead actor. In this post, I review the drama My ID is Gangnam Beauty (and make a fool of myself while I’m at it).


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