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Reading Books For School

Assigned books for school may have its fair share of bad rep, but there are some upsides to them. In this post, I think over the past years of reading assigned (non-textbooks) books for school and consider the good points that came out from them.

Walking Down Memory Lane: A List of Old Childhood Anime

A while back I was reminiscing over some of the cartoons I watched as a little kid, only to realize that they were anime. This post is a list of the shows I watched back then (because I’m apparently caught up in nostalgia way too often).

The Peer Pressure Tag

I was tagged for the Peer Pressure Tag! Here are my responses.

Jujutsu Kaisen Character Appreciation Post

It’s Valentine’s Day but I’m too embarrassed to straight up admit characters I find attractive, so I’m finding a happy medium by just comfortably appreciating characters. A Jujutsu Kaisen post because it’s, well, a good show.

Confronting Societal Pressures: My ID is Gangnam Beauty Review

With the True Beauty k-drama airing, I’ve also been taking the time to rewatch another certain webtoon-adapted k-drama that shares the same male lead actor. In this post, I review the drama My ID is Gangnam Beauty (and make a fool of myself while I’m at it).

Ex-Arm Manga vs Anime Comparison

I’ve read some of the Ex-Arm manga and watched its ongoing anime adaptation. Here’s a comparison that no one asked for or needed, but I did it anyways.

Shadow of the Fox: A Manga-esque Novel

For a book that I pegged as an intermediate between manga and non-manga literature, Shadow of the Fox came off way more manga-like than I initially thought. This is my (attempt of a) review.


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