Jujutsu Kaisen Character Appreciation Post

Happy Valentine’s Day! I have no idea if there are people who genuinely celebrate this holiday. I personally don’t, but since it just naturally falls on a Sunday this year, I might as well get in the mood for it by writing a post.

For a show I’ve been greatly enjoying this season and the last, I honestly haven’t talked all that much about Jujutsu Kaisen on my blog or on my Twitter. I’ve mentioned it only once on this blog — in the beginning of one of my first posts where I was discussing a different seasonal anime. In that post, I had written verbatim:

“I’ve been enjoying Jujutsu Kaisen a lot (in fact, it’s probably my anime of the season), but if I try to make a post on it, I’m going to find myself writing a whole paragraph about how smitten I am with one certain character.”

Well, it’s Valentine’s Day. If anything, it’s the only time I can do this and (sort of) get away with it.

I’ll be honest here, I get really embarrassed admitting (or even realizing) that I find a person or character attractive. I know it’s not wrong or anything and I can appreciate a person or character for having a pretty appearance or a great personality, but I feel like I’m dying if I have to admit that out loud. Heck, I go through bouts of denial just thinking about it. Last week’s (non-anime) post already gave me enough second-hand embarrassment from the intro; do I need to go through an awkward fangirling bit again?

(Yes, Chisa, do it for the content.)

Nobara letting out a sigh (Jujutsu Kaisen ep 3)

… All right. It’s about time I admit it.

Nobara Kugisaki is great.

She’s — dare I even say it — the show’s best girl, even if for not all the right reasons.

Nobara is fiery-spirited and quick-tempered. She will not hesitate in trash talking you into defeat if she deems you as utter scum. If she were a real person, I’d honestly be too intimidated to even go near her.

Nobara at Mai: "Are you not sleeping enough? You've got open pores" (Jujutsu Kaisen ep 8)
No one should ever say this to anyone, much less in a casual way like her.

But I suppose that’s the beauty of fiction. You can like a character in fiction even if their personality isn’t something you’d like or at least click with in real life.

When it comes to Nobara, she’s entertaining to watch, in both her quips and action scenes. Her fighting technique (hammer and nails infused with cursed energy) is super cool, even though it does seem limited from what I’ve seen. She’s also someone who just doesn’t hold back. When she fights, she goes all out. When her attacks are verbal, they’re brutal. And when it comes to her goals and ideals, she holds them steadfast.

With that, she is fiercely loyal to her friends, especially towards those who have faced adversary and are treated as an outcast, but are still striving forward. This is seen with her old friend Saori, who has greatly impacted her and her beliefs, as well as Maki and Itadori.

I respect that. Nobara would be that kind of friend who despite coming off overly hot-headed would always have your back. I’d still be too intimidated to even interact with someone with her character though, so oh well.

Also, yeah, I think she’s fairly good-looking. A lot of her visuals is further raised by her confidence and attitude. She’s just effortlessly cool.

Nobara in action (Jujutsu Kaisen ep 3)
At least, I personally find her pretty cool.

I’d like to see more of her as the show goes on (or further on once I get to reading the manga after the show ends), since she hasn’t gotten a whole lot of scenes so far. (1st cour was heavily focused on Itadori, although I guess that makes sense since he’s the main protagonist.)

But yeah, I just think she’s really neat.

Satoru Gojo pretending to be Nobara Kugisaki (Jujutsu Kaisen ep 10 Juju Stroll)
Discount(?) Nobara?


I could just wrap it up here, but to be honest, Jujutsu Kaisen has a fair bit of likeable characters. I quite like everyone in the Tokyo division. Itadori is a chill, fun main character. Fushiguro is the “straight man” among the first-years, but he has his moments and I’m always hyped to see him in action. Honestly, I just want to see the first year trio together more. They have a fun dynamic together.

The second-years are pretty good too, especially Maki Zenin. She has recently had a moment to shine in the 2nd cour and she’s amazing. We got to see her abilities in action and her backstory with her younger twin Mai. I’ll avoid spoilers this time, but it did a nice job at characterizing both her and her sister. Yeah, I just really like her. Her standout episode is probably my favorite so far in the show.

The Kyoto students are more newly introduced, so I have yet to warm up to all of them. So far I’ve only warmed up to Mechamaru and Mai. The others I have to see more of. This also goes for Miwa, who hasn’t had much of a showing yet, so I don’t really have that strong of an opinion on her. Well, at least she comes off as pretty relatable.

Miwa internally fangirling over Gojo (Jujutsu Kaisen ep 8)

Oh whoops, my finger slipped. I meant this.

Miwa: "I'm poor!" (Jujutsu Kaisen ep 15)

There we go.

I’m losing steam, so I’ll end it there. I hope everyone can spend time today with their significant others. If that doesn’t apply to you, then hang out with friends. (Internet friends work, too.) Friendships can be just as meaningful as romantic love.

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