The Daydreamer Returns for a Quick Update

Hello, hello!

So I know I haven’t updated this blog in… quite a while. Just to make things clear, I haven’t stopped blogging at all! I’ve been very busy with school (among other things) and decided to put aside everything just to focus on it. Trying to juggle everything at once definitely didn’t work out for me.

This was me for quite some time

So for the past few weeks, I’ve not logged into WordPress. I stopped looking through Twitter (even though I’m mostly on there just to like any Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun tweets and fanart). And aside from the Demon Slayer movie and the latest Hanako-kun chapter, I’ve put off consuming any sort of manga/anime content.

So after weeks of exams and projects, I’m finally done with school. My soul and mental state has been drained to the point where I can hardly think straight (just the other day, I poured milk before cereal — how shameful!), but it’s okay. School is over. I can finally take a good long break before the next semester kicks in.

Anyways, I’ll be returning to a more regular-ish posting schedule, so stay tuned for future posts! Your little daydreamer has returned from reality to daydream once again!

(Wow that’s so corny, I’m sorry.)

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