The Daydreamer Updates on Past Activities + Plans on Summer 2021

I “love” how after I publish a post stating that I’ll be back posting regularly, I go AWOL again.

My bad.

I guess to ease back into blogging (because it really has been quite a while), I’ll just write a little update post on what I’ve been doing during my hiatus and what I’ve been planning for the future (assuming I can stick to those plans).

When I had written the previous post, I genuinely did want to write more posts and go back to a sort of weekly schedule. Two things happened instead.

One, I spent more time on Genshin Impact (yes, I play it), grinding the 1.6 event as well as helping my sibling start an account so that they could also get to the event. Now that the main 1.6 event is over and I had gotten both featured 5 star characters Klee and Kazuha, I don’t need to put in as much time on the game and can now take my time with it.

The second thing is that I actually found myself overwhelmed with the thought of “catching up” with a lot of anime. At first I had figured that going with a weekly schedule should be doable because of the seasonal anime schedule. I would keep up with some seasonal anime with the intention of writing my thoughts about them in separate posts around the time the season ends.

However, when I tried to get back to drafting posts, I suddenly had thoughts like “Would it be weird to talk about Winter 2021 anime when we’re currently in the middle of the Spring 2021 season?” Coupled with the realization that I’d have to binge 5-6 other anime that I had started earlier without much thought, I just… uh… shut down and took a break.

So, during this entire period of inactivity, I didn’t watch a lot of anime nor did I read a lot of manga. The only series I still indulged in was Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun and its gag spinoff because both are monthly series so I only need to check in twice a month.

Speaking of Hanako-kun, quite a while back I received the special edition version of Volume 15 along with the keychain set that came with it! It’s currently safely stored away with my other Hanako-kun volumes. I do plan on getting the regular edition later when it’ll be released in English (the volume I have is in the original Japanese language).

Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun Special Volume (left) and keychain box (right)

In other news, I did get the COVID-19 vaccine, which was nice! If there is anyone who still hasn’t gotten the vaccine, I suggest getting it as soon as possible!

Anyways, what do I plan to do with this blog now?

To be honest, when I logged into WordPress today for the first time in over a month, I was expecting to see my stats to show like… an entire month of 0 views hahahaha. But that wasn’t the case, which made me quite surprised and even a little embarrassed. I don’t care if I have an audience of two or three people, or if most of my views come from one-time viewers who pop in out of curiosity and promptly leave afterwards. As long as there’s someone who reads my blog posts, no matter how rambly or all over the place they may be, it’s only right for me to keep posting.

But most importantly, I came back here because I miss writing posts and want to publish half-written drafts that have yet to see the light of day. I think for now, I’ll work on polishing up those drafts at a pace I feel comfortable with. If I get new post ideas, I’ll just switch my attention on those. Whether that’ll make my posting sporadic or not, we’ll see. Despite my inactivity, I don’t want to give up on this blog.

For the Summer 2021 anime season that has just now started, I’m only going to keep up with two anime. One is Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S because I love the first season and Kanna is probably the cutest character in anime. The other is the second season of Magia Record because I was pretty discontent with how Season 1 ended, hahaha.

As for any anime I had started but not finished, I’ll probably finish some of them. I remember being halfway through HigeHiro, so I’ll probably finish that one even though I can’t help but feel on edge every time I watch it. I’ll also get back to catching up on My Hero Academia Season 5 with a friend. (A show like that is probably more worth binging in one sitting anyways.) Every other anime on my “on-hold” list is a toss up.

I’ll just have to figure things out from here. My anime/manga slump seems to be going away, so at least that’s one step in the right direction. In the case where something like that happens again, I’ll have to find something else to write about. That’ll be a worry for another day though.

Sorry again for not posting anything.

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