Tonikawa’s Odd But Sweet Romance

If I had to summarize my anime experience during the Fall 2020 season, I would look to the Friday nights when my sibling and I would sit down and watch the newest episode of Jujutsu Kaisen. After a typical hype episode, we would calm ourselves down by watching the newest episode of Tonikawa: Fly Me to the Moon (Tonikaku Kawaii/Cawaii).

It’s true that I have been watching a few more seasonal anime on my own. It’s just that I wasn’t keeping up with those shows weekly as I did with Jujutsu Kaisen and Tonikawa.

I’ve been enjoying Jujutsu Kaisen a lot (in fact, it’s probably my anime of the season), but if I try to make a post on it, I’m going to find myself writing a whole paragraph about how smitten I am with one certain character. 

But of course, you’ve already seen the title of this blog post, so I’m not going to embarrass myself. This time, we’re focusing on this season’s fluffy romantic comedy.

Tonikawa Synopsis: Wooing an Extremely Cute Girl (GONE WILD, NOT CLICKBAIT)

Nasa Yuzaki lies on snowy ground after running into a truck (Tonikaku Kawaii)
I swear, this is supposed to be a wholesome show.

After getting caught in a near-death situation, your favorite American space administration settles down and marries an extremely cute girl who may or may not be connected to a famous moon goddess.

I’m (somewhat) joking here.

One night on his way home, Nasa Yuzaki falls in love at first sight with a girl across the street. Focusing on wanting to go and talk to her, he doesn’t look where he is going and gets hit by an incoming truck. He survives the accident thanks to the girl who took the brunt of the hit. Still caught up in adrenaline and his infatuation, he chases after her and declares his love. She accepts his confession on the condition they get married. He enthusiastically agrees.

A few years later, the girl, Tsukasa Tsukuyomi, appears at his front door and they follow through on their promise of getting married.

All of that is just the first episode. Everything afterwards covers their happy married life. No intense scenes like the car crash in Episode 1. No drama (unless you count one character openly disapproving of their marriage for a few episodes). Just a laid-back, lighthearted romcom with lots of hand-holding and kissing.

What Do You Mean, You Don’t Just Get Married First?

Nasa and Tsukasa

I watched this show expecting a wholesome, low-stakes romance and it delivered. It’s really nice to see a couple in fiction not have any internal drama and do any that’ll break their trust in one another. Although to be fair, a lot of couples in stories aren’t officially together yet. Usually, stories show how the couple gets together at the end.

Tonikaku Kawaii is odd in the sense that it skips all of that pre-relationship, “will they? will they not?” development and jumps straight to marriage — despite the characters still being practically strangers. As a result, it can sometimes feel weird watching the two characters as their relationship progresses. 

Sure, their instantly trusting and loving relationship does sort of act as a reassurance, but when it comes down to it, they’re pretty much still going through the early stage of getting to know and properly love each other. Nasa and Tsukasa pretty much alternate from being a happily married couple to acting like newly-become lovers on their first date.

This especially gets awkward whenever Nasa wants to do some kind of intimate action with Tsukasa. (Not that kind of intimate, mind you. I may not have read the manga, but I’m aware of the “.5” chapters and I know for a fact that they were not adapted into the anime.) We’d see him wondering if it’s okay for him to do it since “they are married after all, right?” Like… yes, you are married to her… but you haven’t been married for that long (and that also goes with how long you’ve known her)? 

Well, at least most of the time he asks for consent (as for the other times, he is prevented altogether, usually by a certain nosy, romance-savvy friend of his). 

Nasa caught red-handed sniffing his wife's clothes
Nasa, you perv.

Don’t get me wrong here — as odd as their relationship is, it still somehow works. Sure they started off as strangers in a marriage, but both partners are willing to love each other and commit to the relationship. And they do love each other very much. You hear from both characters about how much they love their significant other for the qualities they’ve come to learn about. If I had to summarize the show as a whole, it’s pretty much “The Honeymoon Effect: The Anime.” The Yuzaki couple is basically going through a prolonged honeymoon phase.

(And all of this originated from a spontaneous confession after a truck accident. Who would’ve thought?)

I have to say though, Nasa is straight up fortunate that Tsukasa is his wife. Any other scenario with a sudden marriage probably wouldn’t go as smoothly if there isn’t someone with Tsukasa’s temperament.

Nasa tells his research on insurance claims (Tonikaku Kawaii)
Well, I’ll give Nasa credit for always being responsible and preparing for emergency scenarios ahead of time.

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