The Daydreamer Writes Her First Post


For an introductory post, I feel like I’m already failing my first introduction by admitting that I don’t particularly have a name to go by. Well, I technically do have a name. You’ll see my posts (like this one) be credited as “Chisayatzu.”

Yes, that’s quite the mouthful. I’ll let you readers decide how to shorten that.

Moving on from that awkward intro, here’s a little fact about myself. I like to write. I write stories in my free time, although I tend to not share them. A lot of them are self-indulgent and inspired by my own life experiences. Currently, I’ve been writing as a form of stress relief, but I want to branch out and write other forms and genres of stories. I want to improve on my writing to a point where I can feel satisfied with my work and potentially share them with the world.

What better resource out there that I could use for writing improvement than already published stories?

I enjoy reading. I love reading literature novels. I love reading manga. And every time I pick up a book to read, I tend to muse over it a lot — on the characters and their development; on the plot and world-building; on the particular themes the story is trying to convey. Perhaps I tend to analyze stories a little more than necessary, but it’s fun and it helps me learn a bit more about writer’s craft.

This little habit of getting lost in thought over stories spurred me to write them out. Hence, “A Penny For a Daydream” was created.

The name of this blog stems from the idiom “a penny for your thoughts.” Its meaning is to ask someone what they are thinking of. This blog will be about my thoughts on stories and any particular takeaways I got as a writer. I’ll admit that most of my content will likely center around manga and anime since It’s the type of content I consume the most. I don’t think this is a problem though — manga is just another medium of storytelling.

I plan to update weekly on hopefully different books or manga series to maintain some variety. I do have my favorites and I may dedicate more than one post discussing them, so I guess this serves as a small heads up.

Thank you for listening (or I suppose, reading) and let’s see how this blog fares from here on out.

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